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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

First Itunes movie not in Itunes Belgium Store

Today Itunes exclusively launches its first feature film called Purple Violet. This could be significant because new business models that cut out elements in the chain often shake up the industry. Unfortunatly, the movie Purple Violet is only available in the US store:

The Itunes store does speak Dutch but a Belgium store is not there yet. To make matters worse, I still have to select Itunes Belgique :

I hope Itunes België will become available soon. If they wait to long it might be that we need an Itunes Vlaanderen ;-) .


Anonymous said...

Indeed it still is Belgique... Apple BE is (according to the few flemish people they have) mainly a radical french-speaking club. Since I learned about this I order at Apple NL and have the goods delivered at my wife's work address in NL.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha 2 Vlamingen die tegen elkaar in het Engels schrijven. Eén van hen gaat wel zijn Apple in Nederland kopen... omdat de werknemers van Apple België hoofdzakelijk Frans spreken. De eerste "Echte Vlamingen"mop!