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Thursday, December 06, 2007

No new Google homepage for Ipod Touch in Belgium yet

Google announced a new Google home page for the Iphone. Here are screenshots how the new homepage looks on the Iphone. However, if you surf to in Belgium on a Ipod Touch, you still get the classical homepage:

It looks that because the Apple Iphone is still not available in Belgium, Ipod touch owners have to wait. I know that Wifi is far from ubiquitous in Belgium, so large pratical value is not to be expected. Still I'm eager how the new Google homepage is experienced. I already value a lot the Gmail, Google Reader and Google Calendar are refitted for the Ipod Touch.


Anonymous said...

Why does Google care when the iPhone is released in a particular market. Knowing that some many are unlocked, you'd think they recognize that with a wink toward the user.

cast42 said...

@kathy green Frankly, I don't know. The new homepage is reachable in Belgium when surfing to , as I posted in New google homepage on Ipod Touch in Belgium. Maybe the fact that the CEO of Google is in the board of Apple has something to do with it.

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