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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sync Nokia 6124 Classic contacts with Google Sync via SyncML

I own a Nokia 6124 Classic since a few months. It's the entry model employees get from my employer. Since I work on mac, I could not sync the contacts because there is no free Isync plugin available yet. Recently, Google Sync was announced. It worked very good to sync my contactc on my Iphone with my Google contacts. I use Google Contact as my main database. Hence, I begun to wonder if I could sync my Nokia using Google Sync. Based upon the instructions from Google for another type of Nokia phone, I was able to derive a working setup. Here are the instructions:

  1. From the main menu, go to the "Settings" folder and select "Connectivity".
  2. From the Sync screen, select "Options"->"New sync profile" and enter the following:
  3. Sync profile name: Google Sync
  4. Select "Applications" then "Contacts"
  5. Include in sync: Yes
  6. Remote database: contacts
  7. Synchronisation type: Both Ways
  8. Select "Back" then "Back" then "Connection settings"
  9. Server version: 1.2
  10. Server ID: Google
  11. Data bearer: Internet
  12. Access point: Always ask
  13. Host address:
  14. Port: 80
  15. Username: (fill in your own username)
  16. Password: the password of your Google Account
  17. Allow sync requests: Yes
  18. Accept all sync requests: No
  19. Network authentication: No
  20. Select "Back", "Back" and then "Exit" to save the settings
  21. You have now finished the setup
To perform the sync operation, take the following steps:
  1. From the main Settings menu, select "Connectivity".
  2. From the Connectivity menu, select "Sync"'
  3. Highlight your Google Sync Profile.
  4. Select "Options" and click "Synchronise".
  5. Select your access point: Px Live (depends on your configuration)
  6. That's it. Your 6124 Classic will now connect and sync its phonebook with your Google Contacts. The contacts on your phone will appear in your google contacts and all your Google contact are stored into your phone. If you don't want this, change the value for the synchronization type set in step 7 of the setup
The synchronisation goes via Internet over the air (OTA). The next I would like to find out if i could pair the phone to my mac via Bluetooth and use the internet connection of my mac to do the synchronisation. I don't now if that possible. On the other hand, the synchronisation of my 800 contacts or so only took a few minutes, so I don't know its worth the hassle.

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