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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Login failed for EA Spore : solution on Mac OSX

I bought the galactic version of Spore when it was released in Europe on 5 september 2008. Since then, me and my two kids of 8 and 10 years old, enjoyed playing it offline. Due to some strange reason, I could not get Spore online. The error messages were different over time but last month I got a message something was wrong with privileges. I tried to change my password but that did not help. Finally, I found "What do I do if I get the error: 'Login failed: You do not have the proper privileges'?" on the support site of EA. Unfortunately, the explanation is windows only. But after some sniffing around I found the login.prop file on OSX :
You can find the file as follows:

  1. Go to your home directory
  2. Double click on Library
  3. Double click on Preferences
  4. Double click on SPORE Preferences
  5. Double click on p_drive
  6. Double click on User
  7. Double click on Application Data
  8. Double click on Spore
  9. Double click on Preferences
  10. In this folder there will be a file login.prop, right click and delete this file and try Spore once again.
After the login.prop file was deleted, Spore asked for a new email/password/nickname combination (or you can login with you EA account). You can find our Spore creatures under the name losesi.

Happy sporing

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