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Thursday, June 19, 2008

No download mac version of Spore Creature Editor

UPDATE sunday 14 september 2008, 22u08:
A download of the complete Spore game for mac is available here :
(Thx, matt)

UPDATE za 21 juni 2008, 11u30:
A download version will become available by Gametree (hopefully soon).

Being delighted with EA's Spore Creature Editor free demo (I excuse them for the bugs), I preordered the full version for 6,99 euro. When the transaction was cleared, I got an email with a download url of the PC version instead of the MAC version. Moreover, it turned out that I had to use EA download manager that is only availble for PC. Today, I got an EA support mail stating that the full version of the EA Spore Editor is only for PC. Lukily, they kindly suggest a refund. I guess EA is more concerned with the Take-2 takeover than building support for games on mac.
Fortunately, this is now cleary indicated on the spore website (it was not when I preordered the full editor):
No download mac version is available. Only the box version is for mac.


Steven M said...

I wish they had a downloadable Mac version. I want to buy it but I'll have to find the box in the store, too bad the download would allow me to play this instantly. :(

Unknown said...

I've had a disastrous time with Electronic Arts and their so called support, but I'm hopefully getting a refund for my mistakenly bought PC download. But now there *is* a Mac download available at GameTree!

cast42 said...

@matt thx for the tip. You can indeed download Spore for mac here :

Anonymous said...

its good mac dont go with spore by N-dubz

Unknown said...
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Steve said...
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