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Thursday, June 12, 2008

How to make popcorn with a GSM ?

On youtube,

four people phone to four GSM phones that lie around some corn seeds. As a result of the GSM's going off, the seeds turn into popping popcorn. Peter Van De Veire, a popular radiomaker in Flanders Belgium, conducted the same experiment : Popcorn maken met een gsm | StuBru
but corns stayed corns. Did the radiostation stubru something wrong or are the youtube movies spoofs ? I think they are but I'm not sure. The question is relevant because lot of people will takes those popping popcorns as proof the GSM harm our body. And that conclusion is entirely unscientific.


Anonymous said...

It appears to be a spoof for a bluetooth headphone company. Applause for their viral marketing experts.

cast42 said...

Thx for the tip Ewoud. I added the link on the stubru topic forum.

Anonymous said...
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