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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Now in Google Maps: length of line segments

In previous post Calculating the length of Google Maps line segments I presented a program that calculated the length of line segments drawn in Google Maps. Today Google Maps incorporated a new feature exactly for this purpose. If you go to your maps and click on the line segment, a popup appears on the map that contains the length of the segment. Look where the red arrow is pointing in the following screenshot:

So if you'r planning your next biketrip, you now know the distance instantly. Nice.

My script calculated the biking trip from my work to home is 36.35 kilometer and Google Maps reports 25.74 kilometer. I wonder who's most correct ?


Anonymous said...

My line segments are indicated in miles. Maybe they made a mistake in the dutch version, because 25 miles is about 40 kilometers...

cast42 said...

@dikkie may be add "&hl=nl" to the URL of the map ?

Anonymous said...

Then I get "6.09 mijl" instead of "6.09 mi". I opened the same line segment in and then I got "9.79 km". So no translation or conversion mistakes.

I also calculated the distance of the same segment with this calculator and I got 9.83km. How long is your biking trip if you calculate it there?