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Friday, September 07, 2007

If your Wii Tennis level is 2399, can you reach 2400 ?

A collegue reached a 2399 Wii Tennis level:

I wonder how much love games he has to play to reach 2400. If he will ever. To get from 2398 to 2399, 13 love games were needed. Already 24 love games with 2399 have been played. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

2399 is the highest :) 2400 is possible but it means you have to do perfect games from the start of your mii's life, miss one at anytime and 2399 is the highest.

cast42 said...

@nova But even if the mii only plays perfect games, we doubt that it's possible. Everytime, a bad game was played, the game was aborted. Employing that tactics, theoretically, you could make a new mii and play only good games by aborting everytime it goes wrong. I'll hope to see evidence of that some day...

Unknown said...

Anonymous said...

Make that 14 perfect matches to go 2398 to 2399 for the Skill Level.

Unknown said...

Of course when you play you do get better and better at beating the opponents now 2400 let's hope

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