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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Google Mashup Editor

Google is sending out private invites for their Google Mashup Editor. I already signed up for it. Google Mashup Editor (GME) is a webbased tool for creating mashups using GME syntax along with HTML, CSS and Javascript. Hopefully I'm selected for an invite so that I can tell more about it. Read/write Web has already received their invite and wrote about it. Take the GME tour to learn the basics.

GME resides into the same class as Yahoo Pipes. Those editors are important because they attempt to make it as easy to write as to read the web ("The original slogan was always to have a web that was easy to write as it was to read", said Robert Cailliau of the World Wide Web Consortium.) Mashup editors can be used to make widgets or gadgets as Google likes to call them. Widgets are the latest buzz and receive a lot of attention. Silicon Valley sees them as a Web revolution in the making.

GME is based on the Google Web Toolkit. More and more AJAX libraries are popping up. I think about things like BackBase. What would you do, using GWT or Backbase ? Or dou you prefer vertical integration and thus opt for Adobe Flex ? It makes me wonder if GME makes using Google Gears really easy. In that case, GME might be a strong contender for Adobe Flex.


Anonymous said...

apparantly I have allready access to the editor. Indeed a nice environment.

But I don't consider it to be a replacement for Ajax frameworks. GWT is for me not even an ajax framework but more of development aide. The fact that the java code is translated into javascript makes it powerful and dangerous.

Sometimes I wonder if google is really ever going to give a full Ajax framework available. They split it up in so many different items (look at

cast42 said...

@ romat911 but I believe they are eating their own dogfood en using GWT to provide applications like GME. In that respect, GWT is what you need for complex portable webapplications.