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Monday, May 07, 2007

Publishing a tab in Netvibes

Since I experienced some hickups with (now igoogle) I switched to Netvibes to read my RSS feeds. So far i really enjoyed it a lot. I used for instance the possibility to export all the feeds into an OPML file. I loaded the OPML file into the Google Reader so when Netvibes is down, i can read my feeds with Google Reader. For the moment it's a must have tool to follow a casual fiction game "Emma online" from VRT. (More info in English) Emma is a telenovelle broadcasted on channel één in flanders. The television program is also available on Sony PSP. To test the netvibes tab public sharing, I shared a tab with all feeds that have something to do with Emma online.
Add Emma Online to netvibes: Add to netvibes

Oeps, the Myspace widgets are not exported in the published tab. Bummer!
Waiting for possibility to upload a netvibes universe!

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