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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Bottle of Coca-cola = free Itunes song in Belgium starting first of june

Itunes and Coca-cola agreed to work together. What is already happening in Europa since 2006 is now coming to Belgium.
From the first of June 2007, coca-cola bottles sold in Belgium will have a code on them that you can enter online for free Itunes songs and enters you in a pool for winning an Ipod. Altough Google is number 1 marketing power worldwide for the moment, Coca cola can bring digital media to the masses. It's also a lot easier then the free downloads you get from the ADSL subscription with Belgacom. Just buy a coke, enter a number and you're set. Very effective to accelerate the adoption process. Probably Rogers adoption model has to be adjusted by this or is it just that Itunes crossed the chasm ?

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