Cast for two

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Skiing in Stuben am Arlberg, Austria

In a yearly tradition, I publish a short movie about the skiing holiday. It's not as cool as with a Go Pro Hero cam but still interesting. This year I edited again with Imovie on the mac. Imovie is really the tool you need for such a job. When finished, I pushed the button to upload to youtube and half an hour later:

This year we stayed in Stuben am Arlberg in Austria. They say that stuben is the capital of off piste skiing, but this year we stayed on the slopes because the danger of snowavalanches was very real.

I only noticed an annoying bug. Although the star wars end trailer is in imovie:

the end of the movie on Youtube is just the black background with white stars but without the moving end credits. Annoying bug !