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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Added Google Followers to this blog

Google has released a feature that allows you to subscribe to a blog and appear in a public list of all other followers of it. More info by Ionut Alex Chitu on his Google Operating System blog. As an experiment, I added this feature to my cast42 blog. Currently, it looks like this:
A bit sad, zero followers. Probably, this fact, that you have to start from zero, will hamper the adoption of this new feature. Who likes to admit there are no followers ? Secondly, I now have to take the risc that no people are willing to follow cast42 via this new feature. That's a kind of social popularity test. Let's hope that you, yes you, my dear vistors, quickly change that for me ;-) If not, i will have move the followers gadget down under the horizon on the sidebar of this blog and eventually remove it if this social feature doesn't gain traction. So lets see what happens.

UPDATE Sunday 7 september 2008, 21u51: Thx to Hendrik the count changed from zero to one. And you can follow yourself. So now we are with two.


Anonymous said...

I am a follower since I don't know when :-) I think I should automatically appear in your list since I use the google reader.

Ann Martin Photography BLOG said...

I added myself to your google followers list. I've got the same situation as you, I just added this feature and am not thrilled with it being at the top of the sidebar. How do you move it down?

cast42 said...

Well, just make good content on your blog so that people will want to follow you should just do it.

Sahina24 said...

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