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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

QR codes for mobile tagging

A "Quick Response" or QR code is an image that can be decoded into an text. It's like a two-dimensional barcode. Here's an example:
Scanning this picture resolves into the URL of this blog: .

This kind of pictures are typically used for tagging. Add the QR code picture to a thing, take a picture of the thing, decode the picture on the thing and there's the text. For example, a link to a website with product information.
You can make your QR code yourself here :

Using the Google Chart API, you can also generate QR codes. The URL;cht=qr&alt;chl=Hello|World

generates a QR code for "Hello World":
QR code of Hello World

Changing the parameter chl to the URL of this blog:;cht=qr&alt;chl=

QR code for URL of Cast42 blog

Every BBC programme has also an QR code. Just add /qrcode to the URL.
For example, the URL of the Top Gear programme is:
Adding /qrcode gives:

which render to:
BBC - Programmes - QRcode

There are several free applications on the iphone that can decode QR codes:

Several other mobile phones have such application to.

The BBC has even succeeded in tampering the QR code for the URL such that the BBC text is clearly readable:
QR code for


pstehlik said...

If you want to easily create and share your 2D Codes, check out .

There you can create Codes ranging from a simple Web Code (linking a URL) to a Voting Code where you can ask people to cast their 'mobile vote'.

You can also print your Codes on shirts or hats to promote your content.

Hope you like it ;)


cast42 said...

@pstehlik Thanks Philip for pointing me to It looks interesting. Thanks also for providing a free Java Mobile download for a QR code reader at

robin said...

hi cast42. have a look at
it's almost certainly the leading mobile tagging system ;)
The BeeTagg Reader supports most platforms and handsets. A code generator is also available, as well as dedicated tools/managers for agencies, publishers and brands.