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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Speaking at multi-mania '08 in Kortrijk

Next, Friday 23 may 2008, the multi-mania one-day free conference is organized for the 8th time expecting about 800 attendees. The conference is targetted at multimedia addicts. I'm one of the 30 speakers invited from around the world (but actualy I was born in the place of the venue ;-) ). I'll present in Session 4 at 14u in the red room about the "VRT and 3D". I intend to tell about our virtual world in 3D for kids, ketnetkick, that has been recently launched in the UK by BBC as Adventure Rock. Next, I will elaborate why VRT is considering 3D virtual worlds and it's challenges for a public broadcaster (cost to make, flash crowds, from hard core to casual, ... Items discussed in a IBBT research project called Teleon.) I'll hope to see you there if you're interested but the organisation tells me that the session is already fully booked by 120 attendees. But maybe there will be some people that don't show up. So if you still have to sign up, there maybe still hope to get in.

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